Use your influence, make a difference!

Do you think that climate-, energy- and environment policies ought to be based on what we know rather on what we don't know? Do you think that the ongoing and planned climate policy measures are meaningless and constitutes a gigantic waste of resources that will increase poverty and jeopardize our environment?

If this is the case, we urge you to sign the petition that we direct to the president of the EU, Swedish prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt.

Proceed as follows:

Enter the page "Text" and read it. Preferably, also look through "References" where all sources that we refer to in the text are accounted for. If you agree and want to sign the petition, enter "Sign up" and fill in and submit the form. You are not alone, tens of thousands of people have made themselves heard through similar petitions before. You find these under "Earlier petitions".

As we get signers for the petition, they will be published under "Signers". The petition will be delivered to the EU president before COP15, the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen on Dec 7-Dec18. Perhaps we shouldn't expect to be able to influence the outcome of this event. However, through the petition we can unite and create an opinion against the current climate policy and in the long term make politicians change their course.

The ambition of the Stockholm Initiative is to promote rational climate-, energy-, and environment policies based on what we know rather than on what we don't know. If you think this is worth your support, enter "Support us", become a member and/or make a donation.

Thank's for your support!

Göran Ahlgren   Jonny Fagerström   Maggie Thauersköld    Per Welander