Earlier petitions

2007-ongoing, , now over 30000 signers!

2007-12-13, open letter toUN's Ban-Kii Moon from more than 100 scientists. See details!

2008-03-04, Manhattan Declaration on Climate Change: "Global warming" is not a global crisis!

2008-11-18,  open letter to Barak Obama, Cato Institute, the text is here!

2008-12-11, U.S Senate Minority report, more than 700 international scientists dissent over Man-Made Global Warming Claims. Updated 2009-03-16.

2008-12-17, 20 high level researchers in a unique petition: carbon dioxide does not control the climate-

2009-07-17, open letter  from almost  300 scientists and concerned citizens to Angela Merkel. The text is here : pdf.gif