About us

Our time is characterized by a continued rapid development of the global economy. The key factor enabling previous and continued growth is access to efficient energy sources. At present, 80 % of the global energy supply is provided by fossil fuels.

For more than 20 years, a few dozen researchers, but above all, politicians and media, have spread the notion that carbon dioxide emissions will cause a global climate catastrophe. Politicians now regard this as a fact above discussion. The issues are now what measures should be taken to reduce and eliminate such emissions with the purpose to control the global climate.

However, climate and weather patterns do not follow the predictions. Moreover, new research clearly points to the fact that the ongoing and planned policy measures will have none of the desired effects on the climate.

Still, such measures are now being considered for global binding conventions, and involve political control over energy sources and markets. This will cause catastrophic side effects on the global economy and the environment as have always been the consequences of command economy measures, clearly demonstrated by actions already taken. For that reason, it is of utmost public interest to thoroughly examine the foundation of the present climate policies and their economic and environmental consequences.

The Stockholm Initiative is a non-profit organization dedicated to such an examination. Our ambition is to promote climate-, energy-, and environmental policies based on what we know rather than on what we don't know.