Who we are

Board of directors


Göran Ahlgren, tekn. dr. docent organic chemistry. Active at the Royal Institute of Tecnology until 1990. After that active as an entrepreneur and consultant. Engaged  in climate politics since several years.


Jonny Fagerström, leutenant colonel in the Swedish Armed Forces, Skövde. Very active in climate and energey politics.

maggie_hs.png Maggie Thauersköld, Copywriter and advertisement project leader. Owner of the blog "The Climate Scam". Maggie is coauthor with Lars Bern to the book Chill-out, the truth about the climate swindle.

Per Welander, ME electronics the Royal Institute of Technology. Entreprenour and CEO of sveral companies in the IT-sector. Owner of the blog "Moderna myter".


Advisory board


Per-Olof Eriksson,  ME, honorary doctor techn. Retired as CEO of Sandvik 1994 and later active as board member in a number of companies such as Volvo and Assa Abloy. Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences.


Lars Jonsson, artist, author and ornitologist. Has made several expeditions to Arctis and Antartica. Engaged in climate politics since sveral years.


Sten Kaijser, professor matematics atUppsala University. Sten Kaijser has been following the climate science for 10 years.


Wibjörn Karlén, professor physical geography at Stockholms university. Has been involved in the discussion of the natural climate variations since the beginng of the 1990-ties.


Ingemar Nordin,  professor science theory, Linköpings university. Ingemar has authorerd books about technology,  science and politics and about one hundred articles.


Åke Ortmark, journalist, author and television anchor. Author to about a dozen books.

c-g_hs.png Carl-Gustaf Ribbing,  professor solid state physics, Uppsala university. Engaged in climate politics since 2006.

Peter Stilbs, professor  physical chemistry at the Royal Institute of Technology,Stockholm. Peter Stilbs has been engaged in the debate about human climate influence since 2003. Organizing chairman of the international symposium Global Warming - Scientific Controversies in Climate Variability, 2006.